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Best Asphalt Paving Services Near Warrington

We are the best Warrington concrete & asphalt paving contractors because of our attention to detail, ability to communicate effectively with our customers and willingness to exhibit transparency throughout the entire asphalt paving process. We specialize in residential and commercial asphalt paving and concrete services. When hiring us, you can expect our Warrington paving experts to arrive on time and come prepared with the proper materials and equipment to begin your paving project. We’ve established a solid reputation for formidable customer service & quality workmanship. We’ve worked with several homeowners and businesses in the Warrington area receiving high praise for our highly professional work. All of our parking lot and driveway paving services have turned out wonderfully. Throughout the asphalt pavement installation process, we follow a series of steps, to ensure your new surface lasts long term. If you’re looking for asphalt paving companies near me, contact us to schedule your appointment!

Asphalt Driveway Paving Services Near Warrington

We are the best Warrington asphalt driveway paving contractors in Bucks & Montgomery County, PA. Getting a driveway paved with asphalt is more budget friendly than concrete. One major difference between them is asphalt will require maintenance every few years, while concrete won’t. Despite needing maintenance, because asphalt is a petroleum product, it’s less susceptible to being cracked than concrete. Here are some pros and cons to having your driveway paved with asphalt.


  • It’s less likely to crack and more flexible than concrete.
  • It’s half the cost of concrete(significantly cheaper).
  • It’s unlikely to be damaged by inclement weather such as hail, ice melt, salt and other elements.
  • Asphalt can be installed the same day, where concrete takes up to a week to prepare for a driveway.
  • Homeowners can reseal or repair the asphalt pavement themselves to extend its life. It’s DIY friendly.


  • The asphalt will only come in one style(No other options).
  • The edges will be unfinished.
  • When there’s intense sunlight outside, the surface will be scalding hot. The surface can also soften and become tarry.
  • Asphalt lifespan is typically between 15-20 years, when concrete is double the amount of time.
  • Resealing is necessary every 3-5 years. Potential repairs could be needed as well.
  • Tree roots can negatively impact the asphalt by dividing or breaking it up.

When it comes to overall cost for driveway paving services in Warrington, the typical driveway installation ranges from $5 to $7 per square foot. Asphalt is $2 per square foot on its own. The factors that contribute to a higher costing project are excavation, sidewalk paving, driveway extensions and added curbs. The typical driveway paving cost is $4,000 for 600 square feet, but that price can vary depending on a few components; such as your geographical location, grading, asphalt type and if it’s labor intensive or not. Having flat land makes the residential driveway installation seamless. For the sake of price comparison, concrete normally costs $15 per square foot for a concrete driveway installation service. Long term, asphalt will require maintenance throughout it’s 15-20 year life cycle. However, with routine maintenance, it’s possible to extend the lifespan of the asphalt pavement. A concrete slab will always be more vulnerable to cracks due to being less flexible than asphalt. We recommend taking these factors into consideration when deciding on your driveway installation project.

Asphalt Parking Lot Paving Services Near Warrington

We are the best Warrington asphalt parking lot paving contractors in Bucks & Montgomery County, PA. When hiring a local parking lot paving company near you, you’re investing your time and hard earned money into the process. At Kelly’s Paving & Concrete, we take that commitment very seriously. Whether you need repaving or the installation of a new parking lot, our paving experts got you covered. Having a new parking lot is not only a great first impression for representing your business, but it can also add substantial value to your property. When performing asphalt parking lot installation services, we undergo a 6 step process. Here’s a step by step breakdown of what we do throughout the entire project.

  1. Once you’ve chosen a credible asphalt paving contractor, the permits, preparation and markings will be established for your parking lot.
  2. Next, we’ll evaluate your parking lot to see if surface milling is necessary. Any existing asphalt needs to be removed down to the subgrade layer. If the subgrade layer has weaknesses and flaws, it will need to be milled out and replaced with recycled aggregate.
  3. Next, the grading and base layer needs to be installed. This is the most important part of installing the asphalt pavement for your parking lot.
  4. The asphalt will be poured next. Hot asphalt mix will be brought to the job site. This process will be monitored extensively for consistent pouring and proper drainage slope.
  5. Then, the compaction process will take place. During installation, the poured asphalt will be compacted.
  6. Finally, the pavement markings will be measured and painted inside the parking lot. It’s important that the parking stripes are evenly spaced, easily recognizable and bright.

For professional asphalt parking lot paving installation services near you, please contact us to schedule an appointment!

Asphalt & Concrete Driveway Extension Services Near Warrington

We are the best Warrington asphalt & concrete extension contractors in Bucks & Montgomery County, PA. If you’re looking for a permanent solution to increasing the size of your driveway, an asphalt or concrete extension is the way to go. By consulting with our local concrete contractors, you can decide on where the new asphalt or concrete will be poured. Once the driveway has been successfully widened, there are 3 options available to you. They are driveway resurfacing, driveway staining, or you can leave the concrete as is. To make your driveway look consistent with being widened, staining is the most affordable option. We don’t recommend leaving it as-is. You would be missing out on a substantial property value increase with this approach. The average cost to enlarge a driveway sits around $4900. Resurfacing will yield the best results, while also giving you an ROI on your property’s value. Please contact us today for more information on our asphalt and driveway extension services in Warrington.