Patio installation in Montgomery County, PA

Patio Installer in Montgomery County, PA

At Kelly’s Paving & Concrete, we have many years of experience with patio installation for Montgomery County, PA homes and can provide professional patio construction you can trust. As a diverse patio contractor and patio installer, ensure a quality patio installation every time. 

25+ Years of Patio Construction & Installation Experience

Experience is everything in patio construction, and as the most trusted patio contractor in Montgomery County, and Philadelphia, PA, our team of experts is standing by to help you. We work hard to ensure that you get only the highest quality and strive to produce the fairest prices and quotes for each of our customers.

We start by assessing what patio installation makes the most sense for your Montgomery County, PA home. We’ll then talk with you about this method, help you choose materials, and ensure that you get the best overall results. 

The Top Reasons to Install a Patio:

  • They can last a lifetime & require little maintenance
  • To improve the aesthetics & value of your home
  • For entertainment & relaxation
  • & More

We Offer Many Different Types of Patio Surface Options

If you want high-quality patio installation in Montgomery County, PA, we are the team for you! As the best patio contractor in the area, our professional patio installers complete projects that exceed your expectations. We work with a variety of materials to ensure that your new patio is exactly what you imagined. Some material options include:

A fairly priced option that looks great and which minimizes severe damage for many years.

Bricks produce an old-school yet trendy patio style.

A unique option that upgrades the traditional brick style for a more unique look.

Tile materials produce a consistent style that is very attractive and professional.

People often choose this material to create an interlocked and strong patio style.

This inexpensive option often works well for those people on a tight budget.

We will let you combine various options to create a personalized look.

Patio construction in Montgomery County, PA
Brick Patio Montgomery County, PA

What Is Our Process for Patio Installation?

Our patio installations are customized for your home and revolve around your preferences! Beginning with a personalized plan, our creative team will help you consider custom shaping, popular surface materials, and how we can create a cohesive patio design that flows with your landscaping and home in Montgomery County, PA.

During the creative brainstorming phase, our team provides in-depth information about the different material types and which options are best for your goals. For example, if you would like to design an elegant firepit that is both cozy and modern, we can connect you with an affordable variety of brick tones, luxury tiles, and natural stones for a finish you love.

After solidifying your dream patio design, our experts in Montgomery County, PA handle the rest. We order the materials, prepare the surface, and begin the installation process. Here’s what to expect when our installation team arrives:

  • We clear the ground of natural growth, rocks, and any other obstructions before excavating and leveling the surface.
  • We install a foundation of crushed gravel and stone to promote drainage and stability.
  • We install edge restraints to prevent shifting and add another layer of bedding material to create a smooth installation surface.
  • We install your desired patio pattern, cut and refine the shape, and fill the joints between pavers to maximize stability.
  • We finish your stunning patio with compaction, additional joint filling, and a weather-resistant sealer if desired to protect certain material types from staining and damage.

Patio Maintenance Tips

Preserving the style and structural integrity of your patio installation is simple. To protect your patio in Montgomery County, PA from the majority of issues, add these steps into your home maintenance routine: 

  • Cleaner Patios Last Longer: Keep the surface tidy with regular sweeping. Use an approved cleanser to scrub the surfaces and grout as necessary. Clearing debris and mildew accumulation regularly will prevent permanent stains and premature material breakdown.
  • Protect Your Patio From Natural Growth: Remove moss and weeds, and use an environmentally-friendly spray around the patio perimeter to keep invasive species at bay.
  • Inspect the Patio Frequently: Look for cracks, loose pavers, uneven surfaces, and other abnormal signs of damage. Our prompt repairs can save your materials from costly replacements.
  • Seal the Patio Every 2-3 Years: Contact our experts for top-tier coatings that protect your valuable surfaces from moisture, UV damage, staining, scratching, and more.

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