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We Provide Asphalt Paving Services to Residents in Cheltenham, Wyncote & Glenside, PA Areas

We are the best Jenkintown concrete & asphalt paving contractors with leading attention to detail, communication, and dedication to transparency throughout the entire asphalt paving process. We specialize in residential and commercial asphalt paving and concrete services. 

Asphalt paving in Jenkintown, PA
  1. Demolition & Removal

The first step in the asphalt installation process is to remove the existing, old surface. This is executed most practically and effectively possible, causing no damage to your residential or commercial property.

Demolition and removal are finalized when heavy machinery and large dump trucks remove any demoed materials from the property.

  1. Grading & Sloping

With leading technology, Kelly’s Paving & Concrete asphalt professionals prepare the new surface for adequate water drainage. We utilize laser-guided transits and automatic motor graders to grade the surface and ensure the water will successfully run off.

  1. Sub-Base Preparation

The sub-base is undeniably the most important component of your new asphalt surface and should be treated accordingly. 

The sub-base provides a stable surface to support the new pavement installation. It also serves as a frost barrier to help reduce winter damage from freezing and thawing.

During the installation of the new asphalt surface, the base thickness, base stability, and compaction are necessary steps to achieve long-term durability.

  1. Surface & Binder Course

Once the sub-base is successfully laid and any soft areas have been pinpointed and repaired, the binder is added.

The binder layer is a large aggregate mixed with oil, which ensures its durability and strength. The binder layer is essentially identified as the strongest component of the new asphalt surface for your driveway or parking lot. 

  1. New Asphalt Pavement Surface Installation

Once the supportive structures of the new asphalt surface have been installed, the top layer of fresh asphalt is added to provide a fresh, smooth layer.

  1. Butt Joints & Transitions

It would be exceptionally rare to install an asphalt surface that did not connect to existing driveways, roadways, or parking lots. Our asphalt paving contractors will smooth the transition from an old asphalt surface to a new, one without damaging existing connected areas. These transitional areas need to be supervised competently by experienced pavement & concrete contractors to maintain the grading and water run-off. 

  1. Completing The Project With Final Roll

Once we’ve laid the asphalt and butt joints, the surface will remain smooth, sturdy, and compacted. As a finishing touch, we use a roller truck to maximize the smoothness and compaction of the new asphalt pavement surface. The objective of this process is to eliminate the possibility of small bumps of aggregate or stone protruding through the smooth pavement

Kelly’s Paving & Concrete Has 25+ Years of Paving Experience

Asphalt paving in Rydal, PA

When you need paving or asphalt work done in Pennsylvania, choose Kelly’s Paving & Concrete for your first estimate. For over 25 years, Kelly’s Paving & Concrete has provided quality craftsmanship in asphalt paving and concrete services in Melrose Park, Cheltenham, Jenkintown, PA, and the surrounding areas. 

With a combined 50 years of experience as a commercial paving company, we take pride in our work and ensure that the result meets your standard and ours. From superior customer service in Melrose Park, PA, to affordable results with every paving in Oreland, PA, Kelly’s Paving & Concrete is committed to creating a beautiful driveway or parking lot for your space.

Why Choose Us As Your Commercial Paving Company?

Our precision guidance keeps costs lower and prolongs the durability of every surface improvement. We don’t simply install a layer of asphalt and call it a day; we consider a range of relevant factors such as grade, runoff, and sublayer integrity before work begins. With better planning comes longer-lasting results, and we specialize in improving lots and driveways with processes that provide time-tested durability.

In addition to detail-oriented project design, we empower our clients in Fox Chase and Glenside, PA with:

  • Access to a range of strong & stylish material types
  • Better pricing since we manage all services independently
  • Prompt & timely service for projects of any size
  • Factual service information & transparent pricing

Appropriate for expansive parking lots and creative brick walkways alike, our commercial paving expertise adapts to your company’s goals. Great for charming entryways and safer parking lot surfaces in Glenside or Fox Chase, PA, all services start with open-ended design support at Kelly’s Paving & Concrete. We will gladly help you create an innovative exterior style from scratch, or if you already know what you want, we’ll teach you more about our strongest surface options and provide a transparent estimate for each style.

Locations That We Serve:

  • Jenkintown
  • Glenside
  • Fox Chase
  • Cheltenham
  • Wyncote
  • Rockledge
  • Melrose Park
  • And more!
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Asphalt vs Concrete: Which One Is Better for Pavement?

Considering asphalt or concrete for your property in Cheltenham, PA? There are pros and cons to each material. As a paving company, we always explain that concrete is a stronger substance that can withstand heavier weight than asphalt. Concrete is also a very durable material in extreme weather. However, repairs on concrete pavements take longer and are more expensive compared to asphalt.

Both materials are excellent choices for pavement under different conditions. We typically suggest asphalt for colder environments as asphalt can lose its consistency and become softened by direct sunlight. Once exposed to high heat from the sun, the asphalt can begin to form expansive cracks which allow water and moisture to seep in.

For warmer climates, we suggest using concrete pavement because of its high load-bearing capacity and ability to withstand hotter climates. Kelly’s Paving provides unmatched paving services in Cheltenham, PA, Glenside, PA, Fox Chase, PA, and Rockledge, PA. Reach out today to get started.

Invest in Asphalt Paving to Increase Curb Appeal

There are many reasons to invest in quality asphalt paving for your residence in Jenkintown, PA, or surrounding areas. At Kelly’s Paving & Concrete, we know how important it is for your home to have curb appeal. Your driveway is not just where you keep your vehicle overnight. It’s the front face of your home. We can help you to give it the facelift it needs with asphalt paving, and you’ll see the many benefits for yourself instantly.

Asphalt paving services:

  • Increase the value of your home by as much as 10 percent
  • Enhance beauty and curb appeal
  • Promote safety and security 
  • Ensure low-maintenance upkeep
  • And more!

Kelly’s Paving & Concrete proudly offers asphalt services to residents from Wyncote and Rydal to Glenside, PA, and anywhere in between. We even offer asphalt paving in Chestnut Hill, PA, so contact us today for a free estimate!

The Best Asphalt Paving Contractor in Rydal & Cheltenham, PA

When you are looking for a residential or commercial paving contractor in Eastern Pennsylvania, our customer-focused contractors are ready to serve you. By completing the job in a timely fashion and staying within budget, we know you’ll enjoy these benefits when you choose us for your paving job:

  • Durability – The right paving job can keep your asphalt looking and performing great for longer. 
  • Affordability – Asphalt is more affordable than many other paving materials such as concrete.
  • Aesthetics – Increase curb appeal when you seal your asphalt every two years. 

Kelly’s Paving & Concrete asphalt paving contractors know that when we arrive at your home to do your driveway paving, you are putting a lot of trust in our hands. We promise to get the job done right and treat your property with the respect it deserves. 

We Also Offer Commercial Paving Services!

In addition to residential services, Kelly’s Paving & Concrete has an impressive reputation as a  commercial paving company in Rockledge, PA. Our commercial paving can add value to your Jenkintown, Rydal, or Fox Chase, PA business, and add safety to your property.

As your commercial paving partners, our asphalt company offers limitless customization options for property improvement. With a focus on value-adding durability in Fox Chase and Glenside, PA, our customizable paving services can help you: 

  • Improve entryway safety
  • Enhance business appeal
  • Boost property value
  • Minimize your long-term upkeep costs

Our commercial paving clients in Fox Chase, PA also benefit from turn-key project management. Our expert contractors provide comprehensive design support and expedited project timelines, and serve as your sole point of contact throughout the entire update process. However ambitious your company’s plans may be, respect for your aesthetic preferences, budget, and operational goals is our promise.

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When you need asphalt paving for your home or business property near Cheltenham, PA, you need a residential or commercial paving company you can trust. Every contractor on our team prides themselves on quality work that is completed on time and within budget. We offer free estimates for asphalt paving installations in Philadelphia, Cheltenham, Fox Chase, and across the extended area. We can provide your home or business with a quote that accurately reflects the size and scope of your needs.