Surfaces That Benefit From Line Striping

Surfaces That Benefit From Line Striping  

Paved surfaces can be a great option for parking lots, driveways, roads, and other surfaces. When you are going to pave a surface, one of the advantages is that it can be striped. When taking advantage of asphalt paving, Wyndmoor, PA residents will enjoy quality materials and the ability to customize with striping, which can improve control and organization, safety, and appearance. Various pavement surfaces in particular could benefit from line striping.

Parking Lots

One type of surface that will benefit the most from line striping is a parking lot. Parking lots will have many features that could be painted on the pavement. This can be the parking spaces, handicapped parking spaces and symbols, arrows showing directions, and other designs that can help ensure there is smooth traffic flow. You should make sure that you are working with local community zoning codes and approval when striping and painting pavement to ensure there is proper flow.

Road and Highways

Other important areas that will require proper painting and striping are roads and highways. Busy roads and highways will have thousands of vehicles traveling across them daily. The color, size, and style of striping will indicate where people can drive, when they can switch lanes, and when exits or on-ramps are approaching. You should ensure that these roadways always have clear paint, as it can help to reduce confusion for all drivers on the road and help ensure a smooth flow of traffic.


A commercial airport will often have thousands of flights come in and out daily. Due to the sheer demand and usage of an airport, ensuring that you have proper organization is extremely important, and proper pavement striping is a big part of that. Airports today will use paving on the runway to mark taxiways, runways, and aprons for pilots and other professionals to follow. There will also be lines placed near the gates to show where planes should stop and other equipment should move around. This will help to ensure people remain safe and the airport is managed efficiently.

Athletic Surfaces

Various types of athletic events can take place on pavement, including tennis, basketball, pickleball, and other recreational activities played by people of all ages. These markings will help ensure the game is played by the rules and that the surface is delineated from other surfaces in the area. This can help ensure everyone can remain safe and have fun while playing the game.

Schools and Hospitals

Other places that will want to have proper markings and striping on the pavement are schools and hospitals. Both schools and hospitals will have many visitors and vehicles coming daily. This includes large vehicles, such as school buses and ambulances, which will need to have designated places to drive. A proper paving striping service will be able to work with the plan of the property to stripe these spots the right way. Ultimately, this will help to keep these locations operating safely and all school students, hospital patients, employees, and visitors are safe and know where to go.

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