Common Damages To Residential Concrete

Common Damages To Residential Concrete 

Concrete is an amazing building material that has served us well for thousands of years. It is durable, versatile, and cost-effective. However, concrete isn’t infallible and can be subjected to things that will cause it to deteriorate over time. Let’s explore some of the issues that can occur with concrete on the Jenkintown and Wyndmoor properties.


Abrasion of concrete is surface degradation due to friction from moving objects or high-pressure liquids. Grinding vehicular and foot traffic are the most likely causes. Power washing the surface can also cause the concrete to wear away.

Chemical Damage

Several chemicals can damage unprotected concrete. Acid-based substances may be the most damaging and should be hosed off as soon as possible. Damaging chemicals could be cleaning products, certain herbicides, and rock salt.

Chemicals can be added to concrete mixes to enhance the strength or hasten the curing time. If the right proportion of cement to additive isn’t correct, or the mixing method isn’t adequate, these chemicals can damage the concrete from the inside. Always use the services of a knowledgeable residential or commercial paving company in Jenkintown, PA to get the best concrete product.

Corrosion of Reinforcement

Reinforcing steel, such as re-bars and welded wire fabric (WWF) embedded in the concrete can deteriorate if not well encased by the concrete. When the steel corrodes, it starts to rust. As the rust expands, it causes the concrete to crack or spall.


One of the most common issues with concrete is its ability to crack. These fissures range from small hairline surface cracks to large full-depth cracks. There are several reasons for this, including improper curing and unstable gravel or soil subbases.


Crazing is a series of web-like cracks on the surface of the concrete. These are shallow cracks that don’t typically extend down through the entire thickness of the pavement. This type of damage is mostly cosmetic and can be addressed with routine maintenance and surface repairs.


Discoloration of a concrete surface can be attributed to a variety of things. If the concrete mixture hasn’t been churned well enough, the admixtures might leach and be apparent. Inconsistent curing time can also cause uneven coloration of the concrete. One of the biggest causes of discoloration is exposure to chemicals and other substances, such as acid, oil, and rust. Sometimes, these stains can be removed with specialty concrete cleaning agents and water.


Scaling is a common problem with concrete in climates that undergo all four seasons, like that in Wyndmoor, PA. It is the flaking or peeling of the pavement surface when exposed to repeated freeze/thaw cycles.


Concrete settlement refers to the movement or shifting concrete slab experiences when the soil it sits on is no longer stable enough to hold the weight of the pavement. Over time, the driveway or patio will crack and even sink. Always employ the services of a reputable company that specializes in paving in Wyndmoor, PA, and will properly prepare the soil.


Similar to scaling, spalling is the delamination of the concrete surface often due to freeze/thaw cycles. Spalling can also occur when the slab is exposed to the heat of a fire. Repeated use of ice-melting products followed by shoveling can cause the surface to delaminate. A skilled paver can sometimes restore spalled concrete surfaces.

Tree Root Damage

When a pathway, patio, or driveway is placed over the roots of a tree, the concrete will eventually shift, crack, and even lift from the growth and movement of the roots. Cutting the roots back could damage the tree, so always consult a professional before placing concrete over tree roots in Jenkintown.

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