Removing Snow Without Damaging Asphalt

Removing Snow Without Damaging Asphalt

With winter well on its way, it is time for you to put on mittens, grab a shovel, and remove the snow from your driveway. However, if you have an asphalt driveway, you risk damaging the surface. We have compiled ways to remove snow from your driveway without damaging your asphalt, keeping the surface look fresh and new this spring.

Continue reading to learn more about snow removal techniques that do not damage asphalt. Then, if you have more questions or need assistance, contact our asphalt paving company in Ambler, PA

Avoid Using Rock Salt

Rock salt is a common item to help melt snow and ice on sidewalks and driveways. However, it can cause significant damage to asphalt driveways. Rock salt is harsh on surfaces, can harm nearby vegetation, and is a known irritant to children and small pets.

Use a Hot Water Mixture

A hot water mixture, including a half gallon of hot water, one-fourth cup of rubbing alcohol, and about six drops of dish soap, can help remove snow safely from an asphalt driveway. Once mixed, pour the hot water mixture over the driveway and wait until it starts to bubble. Once it starts bubbling, the snow and ice on the driveway will begin melting away.

Use a Snow Blower

Investing in a snowblower allows you to safely remove snow from your asphalt driveway without the risk of damaging the surface. Make sure to purchase a snowblower capable of handling the amount of snow your area typically gets and can take any type of incline your driveway may have.

Use Plastic Tarps

If you know it will snow soon, laying down a large tarp or multiple tarps over the driveway protects the asphalt surface and makes it possible to lift off the tarps, removing the snow. Because snow can get heavy, you must go outside, raise the tarps, and make snow piles as often as possible while it is snowing.


Shoveling the snow off your asphalt driveway without damaging it is possible. However, you must be careful. When shoveling snow yourself, you must be detailed as to how far you dig down into the snow and avoid allowing the shovel to come in contact with the surface of your driveway. It is best to shovel asphalt driveways a little at a time by working in small segments and only digging down just above the top layer of the driveway’s surface.

Using a plastic shovel can also help reduce the risk of damage to your asphalt driveway versus using a metal shovel, which can dig into asphalt.

Use Asphalt-Safe Deicing Methods

Though some deicing chemicals can damage asphalt driveway surfaces, you can use some asphalt-safe chemicals to remove snow and ice from your driveway. If your driveway is sealed correctly, these chemicals can safely remove snow and ice during winter while keeping your driveway looking new when spring arrives. Check the labels of chemicals used to remove snow and ice to ensure they are safe on your driveway.

Learn More About Protecting Your Asphalt

If you are still worried about protecting your asphalt driveway this winter, contact Kelly’s Paving & Concrete for additional information about preserving and protecting your driveway. As professionals in driveway paving in Willow Grove, PA, we can provide tips and info about reducing the damage caused by various new removal techniques. Call us to schedule an appointment with one of our driveway experts.