Tar & Chip Paving For A Rustic Aesthetic

Tar & Chip Paving For A Rustic Aesthetic

Are you looking for a hardscape that won’t compete with your property’s rustic charm? Tar and chip paving produces a textured drive with natural appeal. It doesn’t have the polished surface associated with other paving options. However, that’s not what you’re going for, is it? To make sure this primitive outdoor surface is suitable for your property, consult with an experienced driveway paving contractor in Norristown, PA.

What Is Tar and Chip Paving?

Tar and chip paving has a few aliases, including seal chip and chip seal. Whatever you call it, the materials used create a more natural driveway setting. That’s especially true when you use raw edging materials or simply landscape around the borders for a cohesive look. This cost-effective surface matches log cabins, vinyl siding, and other home exteriors. Yet, it maintains an old-fashioned style that gives your property character.

Crushed gravel or stone chips are available in tan, gray, and brown. These materials result in a more organic final product than glossy asphalt or ultra-smooth concrete. Tar holds the aggregate together, binding and blending it for a tidy appearance that doesn’t mar the rustic texture.

Why Should You Choose a Rustic Driveway?

If you find the black surface of new asphalt driveways jarring and unattractive, you aren’t alone. To ease into a new hardscape, consider seal chip driveways in organic tans, grays, and browns. If your home has wood or stone accents and features, tar and chip paving can tie it together with the surrounding landscape seamlessly. You might also like the affordable cost and low maintenance reminiscent of the good ol’ days.

Low or No Maintenance Required

You won’t spend your weekends maintaining your tar and chip hardscape. It doesn’t require regular sealing, and its composition makes it more likely to self-repair small cracks. You can add loose stone and tar every 10 years or so for best results, but it isn’t always needed.

In Pennsylvania, it’s important to have a driveway surface that withstands light plowing in the winter. Fortunately, tar and chip paving endures snow shovels and snow blower usage beautifully. However, you should take added precautions to avoid scraping the surfaces or digging into your seal-chip driveway.

Benefits of Seal Chipping

A rustic look isn’t the only benefit of choosing tar and chip paving. The cost of this throwback to yesteryear compares to a crushed granite driveway. The stones maintain their rough texture, giving your great traction for your vehicles, ATVs, and foot traffic. Additionally, it lasts longer than gravel and won’t create potholes that are difficult to repair.

Contact an Established Tar and Chip Company in Pennsylvania

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