Why Isn’t My Asphalt Smooth

Why Isn’t My Asphalt Smooth?

Having a smooth asphalt surface is essential to its longevity. When it’s rough or uneven, it can result in water seeping into the pores and gaps. During cold weather, the water will freeze and cause expansion, putting severe pressure on your asphalt, ultimately causing it to fail. This article will explore the reasons why your asphalt surface may not be smooth. Read on to learn more.

The Wrong Aggregate Mix Was Used

It’s crucial for your asphalt contractor to use the correct aggregate mix during installation. Aggregate is the sand, gravel, and crushed stone that is mixed into the asphalt. The size and shapes of these aggregates determine how well they will adhere to the asphalt to create a cohesive surface.

When there is low sand or gravel content, it creates the possibility for air pockets or voids to be created when the hot asphalt is poured. Additionally, round-edged aggregates do not bind well with asphalt.

The ideal aggregate mixture is made of medium-sized components. Anything too small will create a slippery surface, while anything too large will result in unevenness. When you choose our professional asphalt paving in Ambler, PA, our contractors will ensure to use the right components so you get a smooth surface. 

Not Enough Asphalt To Bind The Aggregate

When pouring asphalt, it must be hot to penetrate between the aggregate particles and create a smooth surface. To ensure this is done correctly, there must be enough asphalt to cover all the aggregates, binding them tightly. When there is not enough, some of the aggregates will be left loose, leaving holes and cracks in the asphalt surface. While the amount of asphalt can vary depending on the weather, the general recommendation is to apply it at least two inches thick.

Not Enough Compaction

The final stage in pouring asphalt is compaction. It removes the spaces and air pockets between the asphalt and aggregates, helping them bind to one another. This step is essential because it prevents the formation of potholes and cracks on the surface and allows it to drain efficiently, effectively reducing the chances of chipping and cracking.

Crumbling, loose rocks, and uneven sections on the surface indicate that compaction was not performed correctly. With our professional asphalt paving in Fox Chase, PA, we’ll ensure that the right amount of compaction is used to deliver a flawless surface.

Rely on the Professionals for the Perfect Surface Every Time

If you need new asphalt or have an asphalt surface that looks terrible, turn to the professionals at Kelly’s Paving & Concrete for premium service. We have the experience and skills needed to ensure your surface is smooth and flawless. Visit our website to learn more about the services we offer.