Asphalt Parking Lot Aftercare Do’s And Don’ts

Asphalt Parking Lot Aftercare Do’s And Don’ts 

The weather conditions, the kind of asphalt, as well as other factors, are what determine the drying time. Below are some of the most important things you should and should not do as the aftercare of your asphalt parking lot.

Some Important Do’s of Asphalt Aftercare

When you have new asphalt, the most imperative thing to do is keep it clean. You can ruin the binder in asphalt by allowing brake fluid, grease, oil, gasoline, or other car fluids to lead onto it. It is recommendable to apply a seal coat to newly laid asphalt to ensure these fluids do not affect your new asphalt pavement.

Another important thing regarding the aftercare of your new asphalt pavement is to enforce traffic and weight limits. These weight limits are designed to prevent damage to your newly poured asphalt paving in Wyncote, PA.

Prevent any parked loads as much as possible moving loaded pallets daily and avoid any long-term parking. You also need to figure out how to avert trailer tongues from grooving into the freshly poured asphalt. 

Post speed limits in areas to encourage people driving over the new asphalt to advance with caution. To enforce speed limitations, put in speed bumps. 

What Not to Do with Newly Poured Asphalt

The biggest “don’t” with asphalt parking lot aftercare is the urge to let vehicles drive or park on the new pavement. Contractors typically suggest vehicles keep off freshly laid asphalt for a minimum of 24 to 72 hours.

Freshly poured asphalt takes several months to completely cure and avoid putting a seal coat on it too soon. However, you needn’t wait to apply parking lot stripes or road markings but do verify first with the paving company. 

Keep any grass or weed growth cleared away by using weed poison to ensure all roots are removed. The roots of certain grass and weeds will form bumps and cracks in asphalt which can turn into larger holes and cracks.

Be alert to the condition of your newly poured asphalt, any flaws should never be ignored. Any cracks, fissures, or holes need to be brought to the attention of a contractor doing parking lot maintenance.

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