How To Protect Your Driveway Or Parking Lot From Potholes

How To Protect Your Driveway Or Parking Lot From Potholes

Over time, roads and highways experience mild to massive damage due to weather, the environment, and normal wear and tear. With all the attention our roads receive, potholes are expected on most surfaces of concrete, pavement, and asphalt. However, this can be a problem with your home’s driveway and your business parking lot. More vehicles experience bad tires and misalignments due to potholes. 

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Here are a few helpful tips to help you protect your driveway and parking lot from potholes of any size. Major potholes require professional service.

1. Make Sure You Have An Adequate Draining System

A good drainage system will not allow freestanding water to seep through the cracks in the cement. Once water gets underneath the cement, it can slowly deteriorate the foundation.

2. Seal Cracks As Soon As Possible

Use a good sealant to prevent the cracks from spreading and becoming larger. The larger the crack, the more damage it can do to your vehicle.

3. Get An Annual Inspection

To keep the value of your property, an annual inspection is always a necessity. Inspections can detect and in most cases prevent driveway and parking lot damage.

4. Utilize Your Garage If It’s Available. 

Utilizing your garage will prevent cracks from accumulating on your driveway. Over time, pressure from heavy vehicles flattened tires and oil leaks can deteriorate the surface of your asphalt.

Contact Our Office for Professional Services

Commercial businesses as well as residential customers can take advantage of the basic preventive tips. However, when potholes are too deep or too wide to fix, you need to contact the professionals at Kelly’s Paving and Concrete for paving in Blue Bell, PA. Our team of professional pavers is experienced in repairing potholes, resurfacing concrete, asphalt and so much more.

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