How To Prepare Your Commercial Parking Lot For Winter Weather

How To Prepare Your Commercial Parking Lot For Winter Weather 

As a business owner, you are primarily concerned with maximizing profits and avoiding risks. One of the potential risks you have to be aware of is the impact of inclement weather on your parking lot. Winter often brings severe weather that has the potential to do internal and external harm to your business. Making sure that your parking lot is safe for everyone is essential. You could face a major lawsuit if someone is injured in the parking lot because you failed to clean up. A major lawsuit could potentially ruin your business if you don’t have a lot of financial resources. It’s important that you act swiftly and hire a commercial asphalt paving contractor in Northeast Philadelphia to take care of the hazards left behind by winter weather. Here’s a look at a few things you can do to winterize your commercial parking lot.

Anti-Icing Treatment

Performing anti-icing treatment protects your commercial property by preventing ice from forming. You have the option to hire a commercial paving company in Abington, PA to spray and apply an anti-icing formula to the pavement. Anti-icing treatment eliminates the spread of snow and ice, which in turn reduces the likelihood of someone getting injured.

Seal All Cracks

It’s recommended that you seal any cracks throughout the parking lot. Sealing cracks ensures that water will not penetrate the primary layer of asphalt. When water freezes over due to cold temperatures, it expands and causes large cracks to form in the parking lot. Filling in any potholes is also important to prevent future problems.

Prepare Your Parking Lot Drainage System

It’s important to inspect your drainage system. Harsh winter weather may impact your drainage system and cause significant internal damage. The drainage system damage may flood your parking lot. Frozen water in your parking lot is a catastrophe. There is a high likelihood of serious injuries occurring due to slip and fall accidents or even car crashes.

Perform Landscaping

While parking lot maintenance is important to minimize the threat of a winter emergency, avoid neglecting regular landscaping. Make sure that you cut any trees around your commercial property. During the winter, trees can allow more snow and ice to fall into the parking lot. Removing or trimming the trees simply eliminates another potential hazard.

Kelly’s Paving Will Take Care Of Your Commercial Parking Lot

Winter is a tough part of the year for most businesses due to its unpredictability. Don’t let an emergency that could have been prevented damage the long-term growth of your business. Contact Kelly’s Paving today! We will put down new asphalt and make sure that the parking lot is secure.