The Importance of Asphalt Drainage

The Importance of Asphalt Drainage

At some point, just about everyone has come across a paved road or parking lot that lacks proper drainage. Not only is it frustrating to have to turn around due to large puddles, but the pooling water could also cause serious damage that shortens the life of the paved area. While people tend to focus on how the pavement looks, it is also important to think about how it functions. Proper asphalt drainage is critical to preserve the life and integrity of your paved area. 

Slow Down the Degradation of the Materials

When large amounts of water pool up on asphalt, it can break down the binder that is used to hold all of the hard materials together. Asphalt binder is made up of oil and other materials that don’t mix well with water. As the water breaks down the bonds between the binder and the rocks, cracks develop. If you notice pooling water or cracks, contact our asphalt paving professionals in Fox Chase, PA for assistance! 

Prevent Damage From Freeze-Thaw Cycles

The damage from water pooling on a road or parking lot gets even worse during periods of frigid temperatures. Water that seeps into cracks on the surface expands as it freezes. The pressure from the freezing water causes the cracks to get bigger. Over time, the freeze and thaw cycle creates larger cracks that eventually begin to connect and lead to breakage. Water that makes it below the asphalt layer can also freeze into larger lenses or sheets. As this water expands, it pushes the asphalt upward, causing potholes.

Promote Safety On Public Streets and Parking Lots

As the owner or property manager of a public road or other type of pathway, you have a responsibility to plan projects that protect the safety of the people who visit the area. Poorly graded asphalt surfaces can cause vehicles to hydroplane along with other potential catastrophes. By grading the roadway properly, you can ensure that the water runs off to the sides where it can then be channeled out to the proper drainage system. In addition to promoting the safety of the people outside, proper drainage can also prevent water from flowing into the surrounding areas where it can damage buildings and other types of property.

Use Grading and Sloping Services to Create Good Drainage

Proper asphalt drainage begins before the surface materials are ever placed on the ground. Our paving company uses laser-guided transits and automatic motor graders to carefully grade the surface of the ground before we lay the sublayers and asphalt. We’re also equipped to fix existing drainage problems before they lead to serious damage. Get in touch with us today to start planning for your project.